1CellBio to Offer Early Access to Novel Targeted Cell Selection and Sequencing Capabilities Demonstrated in New Nature Biotechnology Publication

WATERTOWN, Mass.–()–1CellBio Inc. announced today an early access program for new droplet-based targeted cell selection and sequencing capabilities. This new approach integrates with the current inDrop™ workflow for a diverse range of clinical, pharmaceutical and biological research applications.

The same targeted cell selection and sequencing technique was described in the recently published Nature Biotechnology article, which was the first peer-reviewed report of high-throughput, deep mining of antibody repertoires to discover rare, high-affinity functional antibodies against complex drug targets in their native state. Distinct from contemporary methods, a cell-based assay identifies and selects microdroplets containing rare individual B cells from an immune repertoire. Those selected cells are barcoded for targeted V gene sequencing and the antibodies recovered by V gene cloning and expression.

“In this study, our patented inDrop technology was extended to demonstrate a unique high-throughput approach to screening antibody repertoires,” said Colin J.H. Brenan, PhD, Chief Executive Officer at 1CellBio and Senior Author of the publication. “Our new early access program opens the door to new co-development collaborations that can help accelerate a diverse range of applications, including tumor profiling, antibody discovery, T cell receptor profiling, rare cell isolation and sequencing, cytotoxic assays, novel materials discovery, and single-cell screening and sequencing of complex libraries.”

To read the full manuscript, please visit https://www.nature.com/articles/s41587-020-0466-7.

About 1CellBio

1CellBio Inc. is a leading single-cell analysis company serving the biomedical research community. The company’s flagship inDrop™ System, a high-resolution, single-cell transcriptomics platform, delivers greater experimental control, rare actionable information and lower overall cost per result compared to all other existing platforms. Research laboratories around the world are now adopting the platform for a wide range of single-cell applications from tumor profiling to stem cells to embryo development to the identification and validation of new drug targets. Founded by a group of prominent scientists at Harvard University, 1CellBio is based in Watertown, Mass., and the company supports its growing number of customers through a team of international sales and field application scientists. For more information, please visit www.1cell-bio.com.

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