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DUBLIN–()–The “Innovations in Novel Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Patient Monitoring Solutions, and Digital Health Technologies for Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

Today, the world is dealing with the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Till date, it has affected over a million and has caused 50,000 deaths globally. The medical device industry is looking in to various innovations to combat the crisis.

The latest issue of Advanced MedTech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles innovations in novel, portable and fast diagnostics, innovative patient monitoring solutions, cost-effective ventilators, and use of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence for disease surveillance, symptom checking, and faster image diagnosis analytics for managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The innovations in the digital heath space, including use of artificial intelligence (AI) in different diagnostic and imaging devices are covered. Other digital technologies such as use of virtual reality for pain management and surgical planning are also covered in this issue. This issue covers implantable technology such as novel stent to ingestible biosensor, and implantable neurostimulator. Therapeutic devices including cryothermal ablative device, robotic radiosurgery platform, are also covered.

Key Topics Covered

1. Innovations in Medical Devices & Imaging

  • PCR-based Diagnostic Testing Kit for Rapid Detection of COVID-19
  • Growth Opportunities: Cost Effective COVID-19 Testing for Developing Nations
  • AI-enabled Patient Monitoring System for Tracking COVID-19-related Biomarkers
  • Growth Opportunities: Disease Monitoring to Reduce Disease Progression and Re-admission
  • Rapid Immunoassay Cassette Test for COVID-19
  • Growth Opportunity: Cov-2 Rapid Test will Enable Rapid Screening of Individuals to Prevent Community Transmission
  • Affordable, Portable Plug and Play Ventilators
  • Growth Opportunity: Portable, Economic Ventilator to Reach Rural and Home Care
  • Molecular Point-of-care Test for COVID-19 Detection
  • Growth Opportunities: Five Minute Testing To Tackle Infection Spread in COVID-19 Hot-spots
  • Meta-genomic Next-generation Sequencing and a Bioinformatics Platform to Track COVID-19
  • Growth Opportunity: IDSeq can Help Containment of New Diseases During Outbreaks
  • Qualitative Molecular Assay for Diagnosis of the Novel Coronavirus Infection
  • Growth Opportunity: Quest Diagnostic Test will Enable Quicker and Widespread Screening of People
  • AI-based Disease Surveillance System
  • Growth Opportunity: Intelligent Surveillance Software to Combat Deadly COVID-19 Disease
  • Ultra-fast PCR-based Coronavirus Detection Kit
  • Growth Opportunity: Cost-effective Molecular Testing Solution for COVID-19
  • Breath Collecting Device for Coronavirus Diagnosis
  • Growth Opportunity: Diagnostic Device with Applications in Multiple Indications
  • Fast and Portable Microfluidic Chip-Based COVID-19 Diagnostic Device
  • Growth Opportunity: On-site COVID-19 Testing Device with Multiple Applications
  • Mobile Technology for COVID-19 Diagnosis
  • Collaboration Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Companies
  • AI-powered Chest Imaging Software for Detecting COVID-19 in Patients
  • Growth Opportunity: Intelligent Imaging System with Applications in Multiple Indications
  • AI-driven CT Imaging Application for Diagnosing COVID-19
  • AI-based Medical Imaging Application to aid Rapid and Accurate Detection of the Disease
  • Rapid at-home Test for COVID-19 Detection
  • Growth Opportunity: Serology Test to Assist in Containing the Spread of the Disease
  • AI-driven Platform for Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Growth Opportunity: Widespread Use across Different Application Areas
  • Rapid, Self-assessment Tool for Diagnosing COVID-19
  • Growth Opportunity: Cost-effective Test to Improve Testing Volumes
  • Novel Device for Multi-patient Ventilator Use
  • Growth Opportunity: Tackling Shortage of Ventilators by Increasing Patient Capacity in Ventilator
  • Real-time, Contact-free, Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Growth Opportunity: Radar Technology Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections
  • Lateral Flow Immunoassay Antibody Test to Detect Coronavirus
  • Blood Test to Confirm COVID-19 Exposure
  • Growth Opportunity: Developing Future Strategies for Combating COVID-19
  • AI-based Mobile App for Remote, Video-based Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Growth Opportunity: Remote Symptom Checking of Patients with Suspected COVID-19 Infection
  • Rapid Diagnostic Platform for Detecting COVID-19 in Point-of-care Settings
  • Growth Opportunity: Portable Diagnostic Platform to Improve Access to Testing
  • Portable Ventilator to Tackle COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Growth Opportunity: Low-cost Respiratory Support Device to Help in Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable
  • AI-powered System for Coronavirus Infection Spread Forecast
  • Growth Potential: AI-based Prediction Model for Hospitals
  • Comprehensive Telehealth Solution for Monitoring COVID-19 Patients
  • Growth Opportunity: Telehealth Solution to Diagnose Range of Conditions

2. Industry Contacts

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