2020 On-site Launches First Direct-to-Patient Clinical Trial Support

BOSTON–()–In response to the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials, 2020 On-site has expanded its signature convenience-based eye care service to include a unique solution for trial Sponsors, Investigators, Sites, and Patients. The company launched its new service in May and deployed its first mobile clinic to support a nationwide clinical trial for a major biotechnology company. As a result of the global health crisis, many clinical trials have been delayed or suspended as patients have been urged to avoid medical settings for non-emergencies. Recognizing the critical nature of these studies, 2020 On-site’s new service offers a safe and flexible way for their continuation. The company is able to bring its highly trained staff of technicians and optometrists in its sterile, fully equipped mobile vision clinic right outside the patient’s home, anywhere in the continental United States.

According to a report from Medidata, clinical trial enrollment was down 67% in the U.S. in March. Clinical trials are essential to the advancement of medicine, and delays can have a significant impact on the health of our society. Not only do delays result in the loss of time and money embedded in their planning, but they also potentially threaten the resulting medical breakthroughs and advancements. To help prevent missed clinical trial deadlines and milestones caused by COVID-19, 2020 On-site is now providing a truly patient-centric solution for studies involving ophthalmic endpoints. The company’s established track record of safely collecting mission-critical optometric data, its reputation for exceptional patient care, and its advanced IT systems with built-in redundancies all ensure each study’s integrity. In addition, its logistics capabilities enable mobile clinicians to reach patients across the country in a matter of days. As for its inaugural clinical trial support in May, 2020 On-site was able to mobilize from the initial planning call to the first on-site patient visit in only 20 days. The company has since traversed 8,000 miles to visit patients in 12 states.

2020 On-site has worked to retrofit its existing mobile vision clinics with health and safety protocols in line with all CDC recommendations for social distancing and sanitization. Patients are now able to be seen in a safe and convenient environment, without traveling to and from a hospital or risking exposure in a traditional healthcare setting. “We are thrilled that we have been able to support this important initiative. Clinical trials are a critical tool to support the advancement of new medicines and 2020 On-site’s mobile clinic is well positioned to meet the demand. We believe that on-site mobile service for clinical care could become the new standard for some patients or treatments,” says 2020 On-site’s CEO, Alexis McLaughlin.

2020 On-site was launched in Boston in 2014 with the goal of offering customers unrivaled convenience at a great value. The company provides on-site optometry services via state of the art mobile vision clinics. With over 450 companies using its service to provide convenient eye care for their employees, 2020 On-site believes no one should have to compromise their vision because of inconvenience and lack of time.

To learn more about 2020 On-site’s clinical trials capabilities, please visit 2020onsite.com/research or email clinicaltrials@2020onsite.com.


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