A Pharmaceutical Company Successfully Launches a New Oncology Drug in the US Pharma Market and Realizes Huge Savings | Infiniti’s Recent Success with Pharmaceutical Market Research

LONDON–()–Rising challenges such as increasing competition, new policy reforms, and inefficient go-to-market strategies have plagued pharmaceutical companies over recent years. Many new launches have achieved less than half of their revenue expectations, and many others have substantially failed to meet their target. Infiniti’s pharmaceutical market research experts have witnessed these challenges and developed efficient and successful go-to-market pharmaceutical companies’ strategies worldwide. To leverage data-driven insights and devise an optimal strategy for new product launches from Infiniti’s pharmaceutical market research experts, request a free proposal.

“As biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing is becoming a major investment area for traditional pharmaceutical companies owing to the enhanced production capabilities at relatively lower prices, the industry is expected to witness growth over the coming years. However, market research experts at Infiniti predict that factors such as the rising demand for affordability could hinder the market growth,” says biopharmaceutical market expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a renowned pharmaceutical company, headquartered in North America, sought to introduce a new drug in the US pharmaceutical market targeted towards oncologists. The client sought to identify ideal partners and expand their sales division, to support the launch and maximize profitability. To determine the market potential for the new drug and analyze the market landscape, the client chose to partner with the pharmaceutical market research at Infiniti Research. During the seven-week engagement, the client also sought to price the new drug competitively, analyze the complete product development lifecycle, and evaluate the latest market trends and innovations.

Our Approach:

The pharmaceutical market research experts at Infiniti Research developed a comprehensive approach to assist the pharmaceutical company. The approach included the following:

  • The experts conducted a pharmaceutical market research engagement that took into consideration various crucial factors such as market size and growth rate
  • A pharmaceutical market segmentation analysis was leveraged by the experts, which helped the client identify and segment the most lucrative customer group
  • The experts also helped the client understand the product development lifecycle, with the help of product research and revenue estimation
  • Lastly, a competitive intelligence study was conducted to help the client develop pricing strategies according to those of similar drugs and achieve maximum profitability

Business Outcome:

Infiniti’s pharmaceutical market research experts’ advice and guidance enabled the client to launch their new drug using an efficient go-to-market strategy. The oncology drug launched by the pharmaceutical company was extremely successful in the US pharmaceutical market. With Infiniti’s pharmaceutical market research engagement, the client realized a savings of over $2.6 million and exceeded their revenue expectations.

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