A Window to the Past: Is the Biotech Investment Boom Going to Last?

The biotech industry has been going through a period of fast growth in recent years. To uncover whether the current biotech investment boom will last, let’s look at what history can teach us.   

A window is something that opens and shuts. So the clear implication of everyone talking about a ‘public market window’ in the biotech sector is that it will close at some point. This would result in an extended period of hard times for the biotech industry, both public and private. 

I often wonder where this assumption comes from and whether it’s based on rational foundations. Why do people think that it’s going to close? And what do they think will cause it to do so? The answers to these questions are not often well articulated by many in the industry.

History, as ever, is a terrific guide for understanding human behaviour. To this end, I have taken a dive back into prior periods of boom and bust to see if that can help to make sense of biotech investors’ thoughts and actions today. 

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