ATUM Provides COVID-19 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Developers Free Access to its Protein Synthesis Platform

NEWARK, Calif.–()–ATUM today announced that it will provide free access to its Leap-In Transposase® protein production platform to commercial and academic laboratories developing diagnostic tools, vaccines and new protein-based therapies in support of the global COVID-19 response. With a wide variety of viral proteins, antibodies, interleukins and related protein molecules currently under evaluation across COVID-19-related clinical trials, ATUM’s biological Leap-In platform enables the rapid production of commercial-grade protein from gram to kilogram levels. The efficient cell-based production of these proteins is essential to the scale-up of manufacturing vaccines, protein-based therapeutics and diagnostic tests.

As a Critical Infrastructure enterprise exempt from California’s shelter-in-place restrictions, ATUM is operating at full capacity and expediting, as rush orders ahead of other production, all gene and protein projects for commercial and academic groups developing diagnostics, vaccines or therapeutics to address the COVID-19 pandemic. These organizations will be provided access to the platform immediately and without a licensing fee.

The Leap-In Transposase platform developed by ATUM enables the rapid and stable integration of genes for expression of simple and complex proteins from mammalian hosts. Antibody production titers in excess of 5g/L can be achieved in a few weeks. The platform has been licensed by leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

For academic and commercial research organizations interested in more information about this program, please visit or send an email to

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ATUM offers an integrated pipeline of tools including gene design, optimization and synthesis, expression vectors, and platforms for protein and cellular engineering and production. The company exploits the dependence of biological activity on well-designed sequences. ATUM’s tools and solutions are fueling the transformation of biology from a discovery science to an engineering discipline. By collaborating with our clients, ATUM accelerates breakthroughs and moves research further faster. For more information please visit:


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