Basel: It Takes an Ecosystem to Build a Startup

Europe has a number of bubbling biotech hubs that offer access to expertise, financial support, and networking opportunities for young healthcare ventures. One of them is the Basel Area in Switzerland.  

It goes without saying that the basis of each biotech should always be world-class innovation. But that is just the beginning: In order to develop a scientific discovery into a life-changing drug, talents, and specialists from all kinds of fields are needed.

These include academia, preclinical and clinical research and development teams, regulatory authorities, intellectual property law firms, business development, commercial and financial experts, as well as access to smart capital and partners.

This sort of ecosystem is very hard to find. There are some, scattered across the globe, but pinpointing them is not so easy. One of the best-suited life sciences ecosystems in Europe is the Basel Area in Switzerland.

Basel’s tightly woven life sciences ecosystem

Nestled between the borders of France and Germany, the Basel Area is home to the headquarters of the global pharma giants Roche and Novartis.

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