Behind the Scenes at Novo Seeds: Building Startups from the Ground up

Søren Møller, Managing Investment Director at Novo Seeds, discusses how the firm’s investment strategy has changed over time to support the creation of biotech startups in the Nordics.

Søren Møller has a PhD in molecular biology from the Technical University of Denmark. After spending some time as a postdoc at Stanford University in the US he went on to work in the biotech industry. After working in R&D for various companies including BioImage, Exiqon, and Novozymes, he moved over to work as Managing Investment Director of Novo Seeds in 2011.

Set up in 2017, Novo Seeds is the early-stage investment arm of Danish investment fund Novo Holdings, a holding company owned by the industrial and pharmaceutical giants Novozymes and Novo Nordisk, respectively. The firm is now one of the top investors in biotech startups in Denmark and the Nordics.

Early-stage investment is crucial for building successful biotech startups, but finding the best approach for both investors and startup founders that will lead to successful companies in the long term can take practice,

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