CellSafe and Dynasty Castle Investments Limited Signed Distribution Agreement for LAMPlexTM RT-qLAMP COVID-19 Detection Assay

HONG KONG–()–CellSafe, a specialist in developing diagnostics located at the Republic of Korea and Dynasty Castle Investments Limited, a Hong Kong based company specializing in the procurement, distribution and delivery of medical supplies, today announced that they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Portugal and 6 African countries for the sale and distribution of LAMPlexTM RT-qLAMP COVID-19 Detection Assay, real-time reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technology-based kit which can detect the novel corona virus within 25 minutes.

DCI has the rights to supply this clinically proven, reliable FAST molecular diagnostic kit in such countries in partnership with its local distributors. As this global pandemic is raging across the world, CellSafe has cooperated with Armed Forces Medical Research Institute, Republic of Korea to develop and launch LAMPlexTM RT-qLAMP COVID-19 Detection Assay.

“This unprecedented pandemic is affecting our lives everywhere. So we felt the urgency of developing LAMP detection kit which is very fast and with similar sensitivity and specificity like RT-PCR kits. We believe our LAMP kit will play crucial roles in preventing the spread of corona virus, in particular, at airports, ports, stadiums where fast detection of corona virus is required,” said Jae Jin HAN, CEO of CellSafe.

“We are very pleased to work with CellSafe to launch this FAST LAMP COVID-19 Detection Kit and are happy about the sensitivity and specificity of their kit. We are looking forward to expanding our partnership further,” commented DCI Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rav Naik.

About LAMPlexTM RT-qLAMP COVID-19 Detection Assay

LAMPlexTM RT-qLAMP COVID-19 Detection Assay is an in vitro diagnostic medical device for the FAST detection of novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV. This device detects the virus through real-time reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification with RNA isolated from the samples (human nasopharyngeal & oropharyngeal swabs and sputum) collected from suspected SARS-CoV-2 patients.


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