Chikungunya Vaccine First to Succeed in Phase III Trial 

In a significant step in the fight against tropical disease, the mosquito-borne viral disease chikungunya may become preventable with a new vaccine candidate from French biotech Valneva that just passed phase III trials. 

The results of the phase III trial revealed that a single dose of the live attenuated vaccine developed by Valneva induced the production of neutralizing antibodies in 98.5% of volunteers out of a total of 4,115 people. 

There is just a whiff of controversy to a trained ear in those results. The gold standard for vaccine efficacy are randomized efficacy trials in an outbreak area where the percentages of vaccinated and placebo-injected volunteers can be measured and compared, says Scott Weaver, the scientific director of Galveston National Laboratory in Texas, US, and an expert on tropical viruses.

“With very little surveillance for chikungunya in potentially suitable locations, and considering the sporadic and unpredictable nature of outbreaks, a traditional design of a phase III clinical trial would be very challenging,” said Weaver,

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