Europe’s TCR Therapy Scene Gains Traction with €40M Series B

Swedish firm Anocca’s fundraising is the first major venture capital round to go to a European TCR therapy developer this year; another sign that the technology is gaining momentum.

Last year was a busy one for companies developing cell therapies for cancer based on engineering T-cell receptors (TCRs), known as TCR or TCR-T cell therapies. One example from the European biotech sector was the German firm Immatics, which entered the Nasdaq stock market in July 2020. Meanwhile, hefty Series A rounds were closed by T-knife in Germany and Neogene in the Netherlands.

Over the first half of 2021, however, Europe has seen few venture rounds going to TCR-T developers — a pattern also reflected in the Asia-Pacific region. But it is in big contrast to the US, which has already had at least three venture capital rounds raised by TCR-T companies. There have also been multiple initial public offerings in the US from TCR-T developers — the latest of which was closed at around €85M ($100M) by TScan Therapeutics earlier this month.

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