Florida-Based Disaster Management Group Announces 15-Minute COVID-19 Screening Tool

INDIANTOWN, Fla.–()–Disaster Management Group, a South Florida-based disaster recovery firm, announced today DMGtest, a screening tool for COVID-19 that gives results in 15 minutes. The test is the first of its kind used in Florida to screen for coronavirus.

DMGtest is a health care product offered by Disaster Management Group (DMG) to state and local governments, as well as commercial organizations around the world. The rapid blood test, with results available in just 15 minutes, is a screening tool for COVID-19 that was developed under license for DMGtest by BioMedomics. More than 2 million tests have been administered around the world since the outbreak in Wuhan. As of Friday evening, Florida had 3,198 positive cases of COVID-19, with 46 deaths.

“DMGtest is the first time the same screening tool that offers a blood test for evaluating candidates who may have COVID-19 that was used efficiently and effectively in China, South Korea and the United Kingdom is being used in the United States,” said Tom Rubio, CEO of Disaster Management Group. “This cost-effective screening tool can help communities all across the country quickly test, detect and monitor COVID-19 to prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

The DMGtest involves collecting a blood sample from a finger prick. The DMGtest detects exposure to COVID-19 whether a patient is experiencing symptoms or not, within four days of the antibody production in a patient’s blood. Because the test relies on the level of antibody production in each individual’s blood, there is an 89 percent to 91 percent accuracy rate.

The tests will be conducted in temporary medical screening facilities, enabling candidates to drive through and complete testing without exiting their vehicles. This method is efficient and limits exposure of ill patients to health care workers, while also limiting exposure of candidates who are not ill to candidates who are ill at the testing site.

Currently, Florida and most of the rest of the United States use PCR tests to evaluate candidates for the presence of COVID-19. PCR tests involve taking a swab from the candidate’s nose and throat to check for the DNA of the virus. When PCR tests are collected in the field, such as a drive-through test facility, they must be transported to a specialized laboratory, where they can be processed by specialized medical technologists. With these requirements and due to the limited capacity, it may take up to seven days before a candidate receives results from a PCR test.


Disaster Management Group (DMG), based in Indiantown, FL, has more than 15 years of experience in rapid deployment of disaster management services. A trusted partner to government agencies, industry and disaster response organizations, DMG capabilities and offerings include logistical support services and equipment, medical testing, technology and industrial cleaning. DMG is the largest provider to services at CDC and U.S. Department of Defense for sites being established during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more at www.basecampservices.com


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