French Project to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance with Biotech and Economics

A team of French organizations led by the biotech firm Antabio has launched a €17M project to deploy therapeutic, diagnostic, and economic innovations in the battle against antibiotic resistance.

The project, dubbed ARPEGE, involves four partners covering a variety of disciplines: the antibiotics developer Antabio; the diagnostics heavyweight bioMérieux; the university hospital group Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL) paired with the International Centre for Infectious Disease Research; and the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). The total budget of the four-year project is expected to be €17M, with almost €9M already provided by the French government.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of treatments for infectious diseases. As innovations and investments are mobilized to fight the virus, antibiotic resistance is gaining recognition as a major threat. 

As we face a historic pandemic, ARPEGE is creating the synergies needed for a coordinated and effective French response to another imminent global challenge: antibiotic resistance,” said Marc Lemonnier, CEO of Antabio,

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