Future Meat Lands €308M in Biggest-Ever Cultured Meat Investment

The Israeli firm Future Meat Technologies has raised a neat €308M ($347M) in the biggest financing round in the field of cultured meat to date. The company claims rapid progress in addressing scaling bottlenecks that slow the sector’s growth.

A range of contributors pitched into the mammoth funding round including an undisclosed tech investor, ADM Ventures — the venture capital arm of the US food processing giant Archer-Daniels-Midland — and the UK-based Manta Ray Ventures.

Future Meat is one of many firms in the emerging cultured meat sector, where meat is grown directly from cultured animal cells. The goal is to reduce the amount of land, resources, and animal slaughter required to meet humanity’s protein demand. Future Meat is developing a range of products including cell-based hamburgers, chicken breast, and kebab meat.

This financing consolidates Future Meat’s position as the leading player in the cultivated meat industry, just three years after our launch,” said Yaakov Nahmias, founder and president of Future Meat, in a public statement.

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