Intralink-Spine, Inc. Adds Clinical Sites in Australia

LEXINGTON, Ky.–()–Intralink-Spine, Inc. (ILS) announces the expansion of clinical trials for their patented injectable medical device, Réjuve ®, intended in Australia for the treatment of low back pain. “We’re pleased that Dr. Yu and Dr. Green have joined Dr. Rosenberg to participate in the GEM-SE clinical study for low back pain,” says Lyle Hawkins, CEO of Intralink-Spine, Inc.

“Low back pain due to degenerative disc disease is very common among my patients yet there are limited non-surgical options out there. I was very keen to be part of this intra-discal treatment study because if proven effective, Réjuve could be an alternative minimally-invasive therapy for this subset of patients. Furthermore, being an investigator allows me to contribute to the development of this particular type of therapy,” says Dr. James Yu of Sydney Spine & Pain.

According to Hawkins, “We believe the Réjuve medical device, which structurally reinforces the native intervertebral disc itself, is going to be a better treatment option for many Australian patients with low back pain. Réjuve has shown to have rapid results like an epidural steroid injection, but with potential long-term positive effects similar to a successful fusion.”

“At present there is not a targeted anatomically-specific treatment for symptomatic lumbar disc disease. The team at PainMedSA are excited to explore the prospects of a restorative and anatomically specific treatment for this disabling condition, with Réjuve,” states Dr. Matthew Green.

“This unique nano-tethering polymeric biomaterial is able to quickly reinforce the degraded spinal disc and help stabilize the motion of the associated spinal joint. Because of the capability to correct the core mechanical deficiencies in the spine, we believe this injectable device is able to reduce the resulting pain and disability while also resisting the wear and tear of the spinal disc tissues caused by overloading. There is nothing else like it for treating this often debilitating condition,” states Dr. Tom Hedman, Ph.D., the inventor and Adjunct Associate Professor in the F. Joseph Halcomb III, M.D. Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Kentucky.

About Intralink-Spine, Inc. (ILS)

ILS was formed to manufacture and sell the Réjuve™ medical device, intended in Australia for the treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), low back pain, and related spinal diseases. ILS is conducting an active fundraising round for accredited investors; contact LHawkins@IntralinkSpine for more details.


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