Leveraging Physics and Quantum Computing to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Novel computational techniques are revolutionizing the way we discover new drugs. Robert Marino, CEO and co-founder of Qubit Pharmaceuticals, discusses the potential of physics to accelerate drug discovery. 

Paris-based Qubit Pharmaceuticals was established in 2020 to commercialize the work of leading researchers in the computational chemistry space. This field uses computer modeling to predict how molecules behave and interact, which allows scientists to identify promising drug candidates faster than using traditional drug discovery methods. In this interview, Qubit Pharmaceuticals’ CEO, Robert Marino, talks about the opportunities that novel algorithms and advanced hardware technologies like machine learning (ML) and quantum computing open for healthcare. 

Why has the pharmaceutical industry struggled with adopting digital technologies?

Pharma started investing in its digital transformation as early as everyone else, but they are dealing with very complex problems at every stage. In a sense, digital is about having exhaustive information and doing math on it. This is very hard to achieve in pharma. If you have 100 patients in a trial,

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