My Personal Therapeutics and Medivizor Announce a Collaboration Agreement

LONDON–()–My Personal Therapeutics, a London-based biotechnology and digital therapeutics company is pleased to announce its latest collaboration in a series of partnership agreements to further enable access to personalised cancer treatment worldwide. Its most recent collaboration with Medivizor, a NY/Israel-based start-up offering a multi-award winning personalised healthcare platform for chronically ill patients, aims to facilitate access to the most advanced personalised cancer treatment available to cancer patients worldwide. Medivizor’s service provides personalised, summarised healthcare information, free of charge, to people suffering from chronic conditions. It does this by sifting through large amounts of complex medical content and translating it into clear and easy-to-understand language tailored to specific chronic disease groups.

Through its collaboration with Medivizor, cancer patients worldwide will be connected to cutting-edge personalised cancer therapeutics and provided with accurate and relevant information tailored to their individual needs. My Personal Therapeutics’ technology known as the Personal Discovery Process (PDP), leverages Big Data and genomics to build personalised fruit fly ‘avatars’ that model individual patients’ tumours at an unprecedented level of complexity. Using robotics, thousands of FDA approved drugs, including non-cancer drugs, are screened in combinations to identify drug cocktails designed to target the tumour specifically. Nearly all combinations incorporate non-cancer drugs, making them less toxic, more affordable and readily available. The ground-breaking technology was developed at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center for Personalised Cancer Therapeutics, New York.

“Medivizor always seeks to bring to the attention of its members the most up-to-date approaches to treatment. We’re glad to partner with My Personal Therapeutics, whose technology is an excellent example of deep personalisation making its early steps in personalised cancer treatment,” shared Tal Givoly, CEO of Medivizor.

“Our partnership with Medivizor will enable us to pre select and inform patients that can benefit from our personalised treatment offering directly,“ emphasised Laura Towart, Founder and CEO of My Personal Therapeutics.

“We are very excited to be working with Tal and the team at Medivizor to bring the Personal Discovery Process to cancer patients worldwide. Our ground-breaking technology will enable many cancer patients to gain a significant advantage in their fight against cancer,” added Jon Waterman-Smith, VP of My Personal Therapeutics.


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