Need Funding to Fight Coronavirus? These Initiatives Have You Covered

As coronavirus disease continues to take its devastating toll across the globe, there is a clear need for new strategies to curb it. Thankfully, initiatives are springing up around the world that can support European startups in the search for new methods of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Coronavirus disease, also known as Covid-19, is wreaking havoc with health systems around the globe, as well as causing widespread economic disruption. This has created an environment that is hard for European biotech startups to thrive, sometimes delaying the development of new drugs and diagnostics.

To make it easier for small companies taking the battle to Covid-19, there is a fast-growing ecosystem of funding initiatives and accelerators seeking entrepreneurs. While many of these programs are based outside of Europe, they are often global in scope, backing innovations wherever they find them. Read on for our summary of some of the biggest initiatives out there!


First of all, we have Aescuvest, the Frankfurt-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to healthcare and life sciences. The company recently launched a campaign called #TakeBackControl for companies and investors all over Europe. This initiative is enabling an ‘ultra-fast’ crowdfunding strategy to accelerate market entry for startups engaged in Covid-19 research.


Aescuvest’s scope is rather broad,

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