New Cyrus Biotechnology Antibody Structure Prediction Software “NextGen” Outperforms Schrödinger and Other Software in Third-Party Test

SEATTLE–()–Cyrus Biotechnology, Inc., today announced it has developed new antibody structure prediction software, Cyrus NextGen, that is significantly more accurate than other leading methods according to a third-party test administered by BIOCAD. NextGen will allow the development of more effective and safe antibody biologic therapeutics by Cyrus and its partners across a range of disease indications.

Rosetta’s “hybridize” algorithm has been the leader in multiple assessments of protein structure prediction over the last decades (such as CASP and CAMEO), but it had not been applied to antibodies. Cyrus scientists, led by co-founder Yifan Song in collaboration with David La, have developed a specialized version of hybridize for antibody structure prediction. Internal tests showed superior performance over Schrödinger, CCG and other methods using the published “AMA-II” dataset.

To fully validate NextGen, Cyrus and BIOCAD collaborated to perform an independent test of NextGen, Schrödinger and other methods. BIOCAD’s rigorous performance metrics of model accuracy over the critical target-recognition loops (CDRs) and overall structure showed NextGen performing significantly better than the other methods on a 26-antibody benchmark set. More details are available at

Cyrus CEO Dr. Lucas Nivón said, “Dr. Song saw an opportunity for a major advance in antibody modeling – the most common type of biologic drug. Now we are pleased to see the results of his insight fully realized – we hope NextGen will enable new cures for patients not served by current treatments.”

About Cyrus Biotechnology

Cyrus Biotechnology, Inc. is a privately-held software-based company accelerating discovery of biologics and small molecule therapeutics via internal and partnered programs. Cyrus’s methods are based on Rosetta, the most powerful protein engineering software from Prof. David Baker’s laboratory at the University of Washington and HHMI. Cyrus customers include 13 of the top 20 Global Pharmaceutical firms and major academic institutions such as the Broad Institute and Harvard University. Cyrus investors include Trinity Ventures, Orbimed, Springrock Ventures, Alexandria Venture Investments, and W Fund.


BIOCAD is one of the largest international innovative biotech companies in Russia. It brought together world-class R&D centers, modern pharmaceutical and biotechnological production, and preclinical and clinical trials, compliant with international standards.

BIOCAD is a full-cycle drug development company, from molecule search to mass production and marketing support. The drugs are intended for the treatment of oncological and autoimmune diseases. Present product portfolio includes 60 medical products, more than 20 are biological. Over 40 products are now in different development stages. Development of drugs for cancer therapy is one of the priorities of the company.

There are 2500 people working in BIOCAD, more than 40% are scientists and researchers. Offices of the company are located in Brazil, China, India, Vietnam, UAE and other countries.


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