New discovery center to house scientists opens in India

A discovery services center spanning 100,000 sq ft has been set up in Pune, India, to house a talent of chemists, biologists and formulation scientists.

TCG Lifesciences Pvt. Limited (TCGLS), in charge of facilitating the center, is a global contract research and contract development and manufacturing company delivering research and development services in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields.

It employs more than 1,200 scientists and other technical personnel.

Ecosystem of talents

Pune was selected for the site because of its proximity to Mumbai and Gujarat, and the company says it offers a great ecosystem of talents, scientific institutions, and relevant industry players which TCGLS plans to leverage to build a major presence there.

Starting with an efficient team of chemists and support personnel in July 2022, TCGLS foresees the ability to accommodate a sizeable batch of chemists, biologists, and formulation scientists in the coming years. It is also looking at opportunities in specialty chemicals and polymer sciences activities in line with its parent company, The Chatterjee Group,

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