North County Biotech Laboratories Has Immediate Availability of Single-Tenant, Fully Equipped Laboratory Spaces for Life Science Companies in the San Diego Region

SAN DIEGO–()–North County Biotech Laboratories (NCBL), provider of fully equipped, private, and secure laboratories with offices in North County San Diego for development and growth of innovative, novel therapies and medicines, announces immediate availability. Designed for life science companies looking to expand research with an auxiliary lab while expansions are built, deadlines loom, or concepts need quick proof, free from potential security risks and cross-contamination that can arise in benchwork environments, NCBL offers labs with BSL2 and BSL2+ safety practices. No other single-tenant labs for lease in San Diego meets this biological safety level.

The labs come furnished with all the basic equipment required, without the need for a huge capital outlay, so life science companies, corporate research divisions, as well as venture-backed startups can put resources to work immediately – often within 24 hours – and focus on the science. Confidentiality agreements are signed with all tenants and NCBL never asks for interest in the IP or a share of future revenues, unlike many competing laboratories for lease.

“Our private, lockable labs provide the independence, privacy and confidentiality that corporate research demands,” says Dexter Gaston, Managing Partner of North County Biotech Laboratories. “And with COVID-19, a dedicated lab is vital to keeping projects moving by allowing researchers to continue their work while physical distancing.”

NCBL provides the fundamental equipment needed (all new or almost new, clean, and in perfect working condition), as well as advice and training on specialized equipment. Its onsite specialists manage cleaning, disinfecting, and equipment maintenance daily – mitigating downtime when equipment needs preventive care or repair. “We simply replace the equipment from our inventory supplied by LabTrader, NCBL’s sister company, where we sell a wide selection of gently used, brand-name lab equipment in San Diego County,” adds Gaston.

Dr. Frederick Hall, an ongoing tenant of NCBL says, “without immediate access to these private labs and the necessary equipment, my team and I wouldn’t have been able to finish the medical treatment we were working on and get it to clinical trial within months vs years. What a service North County Biotech Laboratories provides to the life science community in Southern California.”

Dave Ecker, Vice President of Innovation at Janus-IScience, who has been occupying a lab at NCBL for a few years, says the ability to rent a fully equipped laboratory with a private office in North County San Diego was a game changer for him and his team. “NCBL has any piece of equipment available that you can imagine. It’s really quite remarkable. Great staff and very comfortable environment, too. I don’t see us going anywhere else anytime soon.”

About North County Biotech Laboratories

North County Biotech Laboratories (NCBL) founded its private, fully equipped labs to advance research in innovative, novel therapies and medicines. Scientific teams can access labs immediately to expand research or develop proof-of-concept for their investors, free of concerns about contamination or safety of their IP and can focus on the science. NCBL operates under BSL2 and BSL2+ biological safety practices with very strict standards. Confidentiality agreements are signed with no claim on a tenant’s IP and no interest in shared revenue. NCBL’s aim is to help advance cures and breakthroughs that will serve the greater good.


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