Oral and Nasal Covid-19 Vaccines Hit Clinical Testing

Oramed’s jab-free oral Covid-19 vaccine is one of many in the form of pills, powders, or sprays that may hit the market in the next few years, which could dramatically expand vaccine rollout and uptake.

An Israeli team is preparing to start trials of what could be the first Covid-19 vaccine pill. The vaccine consists of a virus-like particle, essentially a virus which is almost identical to SARS CoV-2 on the outside but contains no genetic material and cannot reproduce inside the body. 

According to the vaccine’s developers, the US- and Israel-based biotech Oramed Pharmaceuticals and its Indian partner Premas Biotech, the vaccine is able to stimulate immunity against a wider range of Covid-19 antigens than vaccines currently on the market do. 

Like all marketed vaccines, Oramed’s pill targets the spike protein that allows the virus to enter human cells, and which often mutates to give rise to potentially dangerous viral variants. But the vaccine also targets two other proteins on the surface of the virus that mutate more slowly in order to better protect against viral variants.

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