PathogenX Sees Spike in Interest in PX2 Medical Waste Sterilization Technology Due to CARES Act

CARMEL, Calif.–()–Carmel-based PathogenX, a medical device company that develops, manufactures, and distributes proprietary technology designed to dramatically simplify the process of medical waste disposal, has seen a mounting spike in interest in its PX2 technology, thanks in large part to funding from CARES Act grants enabling qualified medical facilities to obtain the systems with government grant support.

PathogenX’s PX2 is a stand-alone, double-batch on-site sterilization device that safely and efficiently renders regulated medical sharps and red bag waste completely sterile, unrecognizable and non-reusable in compliance with all federal EPA, CDC and OSHA standards and guidelines. An easy-to-use, table-top device about the size of a computer printer, each PX2 system is capable of processing up to 10 gallons of medical waste per day.

The CARES Act provides nearly $10 billion to approximately 50,000 healthcare facilities to support infection control protocols and systems in response to COVID-19. Eligible for purchase under the CARES Act, PathogenX’s PX2 is also the first technology of its kind to successfully, through clinical studies, demonstrate total destruction of the Human Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 as it achieves total sterilization of medical waste.

“It’s rewarding to be able to provide, in PX2, a comprehensive, compliant, do-it-yourself solution for health-related facilities faced with the challenges of medical waste sterilization and disposal,” said PathogenX CEO Chuck Berkeley. “Now, thanks to funding provided to our potential customers via the CARES Act, the solution is more attainable than ever. With the ongoing battle against COVID-19, we are proud to provide something to healthcare workers on the front lines that easily removes the risk-related issues of having to manage contaminated materials.”

Berkeley added that demand for and interest in the PX2 technology has increased on the heels of CARE Act funding availability to qualified medical facilities.

The PX2 system destroys all microbes, including COVID-19, while melting the biomedical waste so that a resulting “brick” of harmless, sterilized material can be easily disposed of in the standard trash.

Disposing of medical waste on-site with the PX2 is also considerably less expensive than traditional haul-and-treat services and for organizations that have already maxed out their CARES Act funding on other safety equipment, PathogenX offers its customers financing and lease-to-own options so that the device pays for itself.

The mission of PathogenX, Inc. is to reimagine and change the way low-volume generators manage their infectious waste by offering an economic, efficient and environmentally safe solution, which also serves to eliminate liability. Learn more at

Note to media: photos of PX2 device and images of post-PX2’d medical waste – rendered harmless and fully sterilized, are available upon request.



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