The Funding Flow Between European and US Life Sciences

Funding is the lifeline of innovative ventures. In an increasingly uncertain environment, looking at the records of past investments can be essential for making sense of the future and getting closer to discovering what’s next for the life sciences industry. 

Exploring the differences between the two major groups of life sciences investors and the funding flow between their locations is essential for understanding the current global industry trends and getting the sense of the direction the life science space is heading in the years to come. We leveraged the CipherBio investment database to dive deep into two of the most influential life science markets in the world — the US and Europe — and discover emerging trends that will help understand the existing landscape and decipher the future of the funding flows across the Atlantic. 

We set out to answer questions such as who are the top US and European firms investing in the life sciences across the Atlantic? Which sectors draw their attention the most? How do the European and US ecosystems compare? The data covers deals closed from the beginning of 2019 to September 2020 across four life science verticals: biotech; digital health and artificial intelligence; medical devices; and diagnostics. 

Top investors

The US and Europe are two of the world’s largest life science markets.

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