Trans-Hit Biomarkers Publishes White Paper on The Urgent Need to Change Existing Practices in Biobanking Initiatives supporting the COVID-19 Pandemic

LAVAL, Quebec–()–Trans-Hit Biomarkers (THB), leading global specialty CRO specializing in biospecimen access, has published a whitepaper on “The Promise and Plight of BioBanking Initiatives During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Urgent Need to Change Existing Practices.”

The paper discusses the urgent need for well-coordinated biobanking initiatives, and synergies at the international level, to ensure these valuable samples are collected in a fit-for-purpose manner, and underline the importance of the proper use of the millions of dollars invested worldwide by funding organizations, so that collected biospecimens can be shared with all stakeholders fighting COVID-19 to achieve a real public benefit.

The difficulties encountered by the biopharma industry in accessing these precious COVID-19 samples in order to advance their research and promote translation of research from bench to bedside, are highlighted. A better model for cooperation between academic and industry researchers is proposed. The authors suggest moving away from the concept of a biobank (a paradigm most commonly understood as a vault for biological samples), and introduce the need for a shift towards the concept of international disease-oriented networks to better serve the urgent needs, not only during the current COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, but also leading to more efficient research models for other diseases.

As a means to increase the probability of meaningful social returns on the initial funding provided, the authors call for better communication, as well as greater mutual understanding and trust, to increase academia-industry cooperation thereby enabling faster development and validation of new tests, vaccines, and treatments.

About Trans-Hit Bio

Trans-Hit Biomarkers is a leading global specialty CRO specializing in biospecimen access, facilitating direct interactions between biopharma Industry researchers and clinical sources including biobanks. Trans-Hit Bio provides its clients with effective solutions in the design and execution of studies in various fields including oncology, neurology, and infectiology. Trans-Hit Bio provides continuous support throughout the entire process, from initial request to sample delivery, and beyond. Trans-Hit Bio is committed to help in the fight against COVID-19 by mobilizing its sourcing network and prioritizing the needs of researchers working on COVID-19. To learn more about Trans-Hit Bio, please, visit


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