Ubiquigent Continues Drug Discovery Collaboration With Bristol Myers Squibb

DUNDEE, Scotland–()–Ubiquigent Limited (Ubiquigent) today announced the continuation of a collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb. The collaboration, originally between Ubiquigent and Celgene, will allow Bristol Myers Squibb to capitalise on the strength and breadth of Ubiquigent’s deubiquitylase (DUB) enzyme inhibitor drug discovery platform and expertise.

The central role of ubiquitylation in diverse cellular processes, including protein degradation, makes the enzymes responsible for ubiquitylation and de-ubiquitylation very attractive drug targets to address a range of human pathologies. Since the clinical approval of proteasome inhibitors, there has been growing interest in modulating the various components of the ubiquitylation machinery, such as DUBs, or exploiting the ubiquitin pathway via PROTACs and molecular glues to target the undruggable genome.

Ubiquigent has established itself as a respected partner in the DUB field. It has a strong track record in the development of DUB inhibitors both through supporting the drug discovery efforts of its partners via access to its Drug Discovery Screening Platform and by providing access to its own developing portfolio of novel DUB inhibitors as part of Collaborative Drug Discovery partnerships where these novel DUB inhibitors may be licensed and further developed.

Ubiquigent’s Managing Director, Mr. Jason Mundin commented: “We are delighted to continue this partnership and look forward to supporting Bristol Myers Squibb in the development of novel DUB inhibitors for patients with unmet medical needs.”

About Ubiquigent

Ubiquigent Limited enables and supports protein degradation focused drug discovery via modulation and exploitation of the ubiquitin system. Our chemistry and biology platforms allow us to design and develop novel compounds as part of strategic partnerships. In parallel we also provide access to our platforms and capabilities for the evaluation of our partners’ compounds.

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