UK Startup Surfs Investment Wave in Microbiome with €18M Series A

As increasing attention turns to microbiome-based therapeutics, the Scottish biotech Enterobiotix has closed a Series A fundraising to potentially treat a myriad of medical conditions by improving gut health.

Last week, EnteroBiotix raised €18M (£15.5M) in Series A funding to further develop a pill to restore the patient’s gut microbiome to a healthy state using stool samples from healthy donors. The technology could potentially tackle a plethora of seemingly unrelated diseases, including infections, metabolic disorders, and cancer.

The Scottish investment firm Thairm Bio led the financing, with US-based Kineticos Ventures joining existing investors including SIS Ventures and Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s national economic development agency.

This is the latest example of increasing interest in the human microbiome — the ecosystem of viruses, bacteria, and other microbes in and on the body — and its potential to treat a wide range of conditions including cancer, diabetes, Covid-19, and depression.

The microbiome is now considered a key area for innovative healthcare, and we believe that the momentum is growing,” said Hervé Affagard,

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